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    Sigma Nu Fraternity rushes 365 days a year and is always interested in talking to prospective members, referrals, and those that have referrals, so feel free to contact our Recruitment Officer to discuss your interest, if you are interested in next semester, or if you know a prospective member. Please click here to contact our Recruitment Officer.


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  • Five, Ten, or Twenty years (or more) from now, you are not going to remember your 8:00am chemistry class or those gourmet dinners at the Landrum Center. What you will remember are the bonds of friendship that you created, the experiences and the great times you had at Georgia Southern University.

    Since 1970, the Theta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Nu has conveyed a legacy of excellence rooted in unbreakable bonds of brotherhood. Not only are we all best friends during our time at Georgia Southern, but our ties extend and strengthen beyond graduation. In these forty some years since our founding not only has our chapter grown up, but we have watched our university grow up as well.

    Sigma Nu is not for everyone nor are fraternities. However, for those of you who want to reach your full college potential academically and socially, build bonds of friendship that last a lifetime, and get the most of your next 4 years before the start of the 9-5 workdays, we invite you to expose yourself to this strong brotherhood and experience the facets of Sigma Nu Fraternity.


    Similar to our founding at GSU, likeminded men of character, our founding fathers at VMI in 1868, made their purpose clear – to create a fraternal organization unlike any other, one that held the personal honor and integrity of its membership in the highest regard. Their idea has since become a tradition no single individual could have possibly imagined … a legacy of Honor, unparalleled in scope, continues today.

    Since our founding, Sigma Nu Fraternity has initiated over 220,000 Knights into the Legion of Honor and established over 275 chapters and colonies across North America. Clearly, this precedent of Honor created by our founders over 145 years ago has changed thousands of lives. At Georgia Southern we tie the history, legacy, and bonds of brotherhood together with our brothers from across the nation to form one fraternity united in purpose.


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