• Homecoming 2017 is October 12-15; GSU vs. New Mexico State


  • Theta Kappa attains coveted Rock Chapter award for the 2014-16 Biennium

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  • Be an Advisor - Volunteer



    The #1 question we get is" "how can I get involved?" - some thoughts:

    1. Register on this site: Plus keep your contact information up-to-date on this site and filling out an update form. Please register here .
    2. Join: the Alumni Chapter Facebook site by clicking here.
    3. LEAD: We need volunteers to facilitate LEAD sessions. Talk to AAB LEAD Advisor alumnus Chris Garretson (ΕΡ 933), the undergraduate LEAD Chairman Eric Nelson (ΘΚ 844), or click here to get more info.
    4. Think about the Alumni Mentor program.
    5. Click on the image below: How can I get involved?


    How can I get involved?


    We look forward to hearing from you!


  • The Black & Gold - Click here to get it!



    Local Area Mixers - Bringing Theta Kappa to your Hometown!


  • Key Upcoming Dates

  • Coming Up Next! 

    Our Calendar - the Details:



    01/01 Sigma Nu 148th Anniversary
    01/02 Commander's Conference

    01/14 5th Commanders' Dinner

    01/20 Aspen Snow Party Social

    01/20 Snursday Pre-Game Social
    02/04 Sigma Nu Institute -Nashville
    02/05 Super Bowl Party Social
    02/11 Sigma Nu Institute -Tampa
    02/16 Tour de Franzia Social
    02/18 ΣN Institute-ATL Ga Tech
    02/18 ΣN AAB-Chapter Meeting
    02/24 Rave Social
    02/28 ZTA Social
    02/28 AΔΠ Social

    03/11 GSU Spring Break (11-19)
    03/19 Leadership Consultant (19-20)
    03/31 Parents' Weekend (31-02) **

    04/01 Blue-White Spring Game


    04/09 AAB 2nd Spring Meeting **
    04/09 Possible HC Meeting **
    04/12 Alumni Panel LEAD **

    04/21 White Rose Formal (21-23)

    04/26 ΣN Island Party (26-29)
    04/30 Last Chapter Meeting
    05/02 Atlanta Honorary Board
    05/06 Theta Kappa Colony 49 Yrs
    05/10 Theta Kappa Founding 47 Yrs
    05/10 Toast our 47h Anniversary
    06/10 AAB Summer Meeting **
    06/11 NRD Recruitment ATL
    08/12 1st Fall AAB Meeting
    08/14 First Day of Classes 2017
    09/02 GSU at Auburn

    09/09 GSU vs New Hampshire

    09/23 GSU at Indiana
    09/30 2nd Fall AAB Meeting

    10/04 GSU vs Arkansas State

    10/12 Homecoming 2017

    10/14 GSU vs New Mexico State

    10/14 GSU Homecoming Game

    10/22 GSU at UMass

    10/28 GSU at Troy State

    10/28 GA-FL in Jacksonville (27-29)
    11/01 35 Years of the Black & Gold

    11/04 GSU vs Georgia State

    11/09 GSU at Appalachian State

    11/14 31 Years since 1986 Initiation
    11/17 ΘΚ Founder's Day - 50 Years

    11/18 GSU vs South Alabama

    11/25 GSU at Louisiana

    12/02 GSU at Coastal Carolina
    12/02 SEC Championship


    ** TBD - Not finalized yet


    More events and the calendar.

    Get the Downloadable PDF here.


  • RUSH Sigma Nu!


  • GSU Eagle Football - GATA! - One More Time!

     2017 GSU Eagle Football Schedule Announced!


  • Sigma Nu Epsilon Tau Tau - For Life


    Please review our "Code of Conduct" and the Conduct Expectations at all fraternal events - click here.


  • Atlanta Area Mixers - Bringing Theta Kappa to your Hometown!

    Macon Mid-GA Area Mixers - Bringing Theta Kappa to your Hometown!

  • Savannah Area Mixers - Bringing Theta Kappa to your Hometown!

    Local Area Mixers - Bringing Theta Kappa to your Hometown!

  • RUSH Sigma Nu!


  • Be an Advisor - Volunteer


  • Become Something More_ Become a Sigma Nu!


  • sigmanu-whitestarofsigmanu.mp3

  • Sigma Nu NRD Atlanta 2017

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