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  • Local Alumni Dinners-Mixers -


    Atlanta Area (Sandy Springs):

    Next: Sun., Mar. 30th at 4:00 pm

    Place: Hudson Grille on Roswell Road


    Tom Harjung, ΘΚ 248

    John Austin, ΘΚ 1200

    Jim McBrayer, ΘΚ 5


    Macon Area/Middle Georgia:

    Next: Tue., Apr. 8th at 6:30 pm

    Place: Wild Wings Cafe at River Crossing


    Wilkes Evans, ΘΚ 607

    Drew Palmer, ΘΚ 558

    Bill Geddy,  ΘΚ 219


    Savannah Area:

    Next: Apr. 16th at 6:30 pm

    Place: B&D Burgers on West Congress


    Larry Sands, ΘΚ 325

    Dicky Yaun, ΘΚ 159

    Tommy Howard, ΘΚ 49


    Statesboro Area:

    Next: Mid. April at 6:30 pm

    Place: TBD - Possibly the House or E-Zone


    Tony Fair, ΘΚ 9

    Bill Griffin, ΘΚ 25

    Eric Degen, ΘΚ 811


    Alumni, collegiates, spouses, and firends are all welcome at all Theta Kappa events, so come join us. For more information check back here, check our Facebook group (SigmaNuGSU), or on this website at http://sigmanugsu.celect.org/local-area-events. If you want to help or have ideas, please send an email to: Alumni@SigmaNuGSU.com.


  • Sigma Nu HQs YouTube:


    Sigma Nu HQs has a YouTube Channel and they keep it full of veideo messages to the chapters and they record ket note addresses of High Council Members, Alumni and Honored Guests at convocations such as Grand Chapter. I would encourage you when you have a few minutes to look at some of video and we will point out keys messages from time to time.


    The YouTube Channel is:



    One particular video that is worth watching that is current is the keynote address by Wells Ellenberg, M 2400, the past Commander of the Mu Chapter (UGA) and the 2012 Sigma Nu Man of the Year.


    His video:



  • Links/Places to join & connect:


    Here are a couple of places you might want to look at or register to connect with your brothers and fraternity:


    1. Our website - hopefully you are already registered:


    2. Our Facebook Group - a great group to join:


    3. Our Facebook Page for the House - "Like" us:


    4. Our LinkedIN Group - join and network:


    5. Sigma Nu HQs Website - take a gander:


    6. Sigma Nu HQs Facebook Site - recommend you join:


    7. Sigma Nu HQs LinkedIn Group - recommend you join:


    8. Some alumni brother's company Facebook sites:


  • Current initiatives you should review:


    1. Past Alumni Officers - we are looking to complete the entire list of past alumni officers. Please go to this web page and see if you can help us fill in the blanks:



    2. Past Collegiate Officers - we are looking to complete the entire list of past alumni officers. Please go to this web page and see if you can help us fill in the blanks. One source that you have at your disposal is old composites, so please review those:



    3. Old Composites - we are looking to complete the the catalog of all composites scanned and added to our website. Please go to this web page and see if you can help us fill by scanning your composite then sending it in:



    4. LEAD Facilitators - we are looking for alumni to assist in Facilitating LEAD Sessions.

    The Chapter is utilizing Sigma Nu’s LEAD program as part of candidate and member education. This is one of the key traits of top-performing chapters in Sigma Nu.

    In order to get the most out of LEAD we need alumni facilitators. You can help facilitate LEAD sessions with Sigma Nu’s pre-developed materials and media. Even if you can’t help with LEAD at GSU, we can link you to chapters in your area. Go to this area of our website to find out more:



    5. Alumni Businesses - We are establishing an area on our website that members can show what they do in business. This is so you can attract other members in what you do and possibly land some business from your brothers. We need a little information about your company, contact information, and a scanned business card. We can add graphics and other information. For more information, go to:



    6. History - we would like to get a page or two of history or a report of the officer term for each year of the chapter. The ideal officers that could help with this are the Commander, Lt. Commander, Recorder, Treasurer, Marshal or other key brothers that remember what went on.  Please assist us in this endeavor - you can send an email to alumni@SigmaNuGSU.com to coordinate and discuss specifics. We have Sigma Nu HQs archives to assist with some.



  • Trending in our ranks:


    While we have more people signed up for our website (and we need the website) our membership on Facebook is growing faster. In the last 45 days we have added over 125 alumni to our Facebook Group plus we have added 10-20 alumni that we have not heard from in 15-20 years.


    Lesson learned? Look for your brothers in your Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections - you will be surprised when you find them and further delighted that they were looking forward to someone helping them get reconnected to their beloved chapter!


  • ΘΚ Quick Facts

    (as of 03/18)


    832  Highest Initiate Number

    031  Initiated Collegiate Brothers

    009  Current Spring Candidates


    453  Facebook Group Members*

    625  Website Registered Users*

    051  Parents Registered on Site

    071  LinkedIn Group Members


    2.9761 (3/17)  Fall13 Chapter SGPA

    3.2674 (2/17)  Fall13 Brother SGPA

    2.6848 (4/17)  Fall13 Candidate SGPA

    *Includes parents & friends


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