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  • Note: We have had a great response from the alumni we billed afterwards for Homecoming for fees, tickets, and such, so thank you very much! The conveinence of this site has helped tremendously and we are working with our website vendor to improve the functionality and ease of use for future events.


  • Homecoming Fees:


    Thank you to all of you who attended Homecoming 2010 - it was a great event and a great time was had by all! The following fees were in effect for Homecoming 2010:

    • $75.00 - Homecoming Assessment for all Alumni
    • $50.00 - Golf Fee at Forest Heights Country Club
    • $25.00 - Per Ticket for Football Tickets
    • $20.00 - Per Person for the Friday Steak Dinner (additional cost)


    Theta Kappa Alumni Dues:

    • $150.00 - Black Level - Includes $75 HC Fee
    • $300.00 - White Level - Includes $75 HC Fee plus a $50 Credit for other items
    • $500.00 - Gold Level - Includes $75 HC Fee plus a $100 Credit for other items


    Theta Kappa Alumni Dues are optional and may be paid regardless of whether you attended homecoming or not. Dues are used to defray our operating costs, house expenses, maintenance, but if a siginifcant sum is accumulated the overage will be transferred to the scholarship fund. Alumni Dues do not go to pay Homecoming costs or expenses unless specifically designated for that.


    We have a few alumni that still owe Homecoming Fees. A full accounting is posted (with a link below) and it will be finalized in the weeks to come, but for anyone that needs to settle up - we would appreciate that you do so as soon as possible.


    If you know the flat amount that you need to pay got to:

    If you want the system to calculate your bill go to:

    If you are interested in Paying Alumni Dues or Including Alumni Dues as part of your payment go to one of the links below. New! You can now create "recurring payments" to pay your dues over time on a Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual basis:

    Download a Payment Form to fill out and return:

    To see a copy of the Homecoming Budget, Expenses, & Income click below:


    Thank you to all of you that paid your fees. A special thanks to those that contributed to the Alumni Dues - a list will be published in the coming weeks. For those that would like to still contribute to alumni dues see above.


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