Trip to Lexington

  • Theta Kappa’s 2014 Renaissance Pilgrimage to the Rock


    The chapter has planned a trip to Lexington VA for a tour, visit, Spring Initiation and LEAD at one of the Shrines of Sigma Nu - the Fraternal HQs. They will be staying in the Historic Carriage House on the Sigma Nu grounds.


    THANK YOU to all of our generous donors who helped raise over $6,000 for this historic trip/pilgrimage to Lexington termed the "Road to the Rock!" If you are interested in adding your name to this effort, assisting, or buying a commemorative t-shirt you have until 11:59 pm, Sunday night, April 13, 2014. See below how to make a contribution to this worth cause.


    Thank you again to all of our sponsors and contributors! Look for the memorable, keepsake newsletter and photo slide show will be published after the trip concludes.



  • Sigma Nu Homecoming 2014 at GSU


  • Read the "Road to the Rock" Newsletter


    Read the "Road to the Rock" Newsletter - click on the image above. 


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    The Theta Kappa Chapter is making a historic pilgrimage to the Headquarters shire, Lexington, the Rock, and the Virginia Military Institute on April 11-13. The plan is set for a great visit & tour, plus some teambuilding exercises, two (2) all chapter LEAD session, and then initiation of the Spring Candidate Class bringing nine (9) new members into Theta Kappa. 100% of the members are attending and they will be staying on the Sigma Nu grounds in the Historic Carriage House. It will be a great trip and a very memorable one. You can help defray the cost, just help with the memories, or send them you well wishes by sending a note, buying a t-shirt, or make a small donation to help with the costs, so please read on.


    To catch you up on the progress of the chapter a newsletter has been published and is available by clicking here. You can also send them a note of encouragement, buy a t-shirt, or making a small donation to help defray the costs (and receiving a free t-shirt) - you may do that by clicking here.





    I hope this newsletter finds you well and you are having a great year. This newsletter is a brief overview of the chapter in the past year, the candidate program, and our upcoming trip to Lexington, VA for initiation. I hope you are able to take the time to read the letter. Within the newsletter, there is a link for a “Road to the Rock” shirt. The proceeds from this shirt go towards helping the chapter fund this once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope you have a great summer and please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

    The Road to the Rock T-Shirt


    Thank you for all of the support.




    Adam Clay

    ΘΚ 810






    Brothers – please read and enjoy this newsletter, see their progress, and review this worthy trip – Theta Kappa’s Renaissance Pilgrimage to the Rock. This is the NEW Theta Kappa Chapter that you all are a part of! Consider buying a t-shirt through the site OR make a donation to help fund this trip to renew their knightly vows at the Sigma Nu Headquarters Shrine and receive a free t-shirt. Many alumni, past commanders, big brother/little brother team, and interested parties have already made a donation. Anything is appreciated, but $50, $100, $200, and more will help us make this a memorable, landmark (possibly recurring) event in the rebuilding of the Theta Kappa Collegiate Chapter. In any money is raised in excess of the bus trip costs that money will be applied towards an incoming freshman RUSH scholarship and the scholarship fund both of which are very worthy causes.


    Either buying a t-shirt through the link or making a donation (to get a free t-shirt) will help the chapter pay for this important trip and will be like buying a share of stock in the future of YOUR chapter!


    Buy a "Road to the Rock" fundraiser t-shirt click here.

    Make a donation for the Pilgrimage and get a free t-shirt click here.


    If you would like to mail a check in or send a note, please send to:


    Sigma Nu Fraternity

    PO Box 1697

    Statesboro, GA 30459-1697


    Make Payable to: Sigma Nu Fraternity

    Put "Road to the Rock" in the memo field


    Thank you for taking the time to read this and your generosity!




    The Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter, Theta Kappa House Corporation, and the Theta Kappa Alumni Advisory Board


  • The Commanders' Badge


  • The Sigma Nu HQs Painting


    VMI in Lexington


    The Sigma Nu Rock


    The Sigma Nu Painting


    The Three Cadets at VMI


    The Sigma Badge cast by Scott Strader


    Georgia Southern and Sigma Nu Flags fly high


    Georgia Southern and Sigma Nu Flags fly high


  • "Road to the Rock" Supporters:



    John Austin, ΘΚ 120

    Buddy Banks, ΘΚ 67

    Martin Bay, ΘΚ 120

    Troy Barrentine, ΘΚ 275

    Larry Brady, ΘΚ 17

    John Dowdle, ΘΚ 399

    Tony Fair, ΘΚ 9

    Roy Fowler, ΘΚ 268

    Steve Garner, ΘΚ 116

    Bill Geddy, ΘΚ 219

    Bill Griffin, ΘΚ 25

    Bruce GrobergΔΑ 722

    Billy Hickman, ΘΚ 62

    Marsha Holloway, Parent

    Andrew Hundley, ΘΚ 108

    Ed Hurst, ΘΚ 280

    Jeff Kinlaw, ΘΚ 282

    Jon Lott, ΘΚ 92

    Jim McBrayer, ΘΚ 5

    Scott Mobley, ΘΚ 710 

    Joe Molmer, ΘΚ 338

    Clint Murphy, ΘΚ 448

    Brent Myers, ΘΚ 295

    Andy Oliver, ΘΚ 231

    Mitch Portwood, Parent

    Denny Runnion, ΘΚ 379

    Larry Sands, ΘΚ 325

    Jack Stegall, ΘΚ 33

    Andrea Wendt, Parent

    Marty Williams, ΘΚ 114


    Braswell Foods

    Candidate Class

    House Corporation

    SERVPRO of East Carolina

    SERVPRO of Statesboro

    T-Shirt Sales

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  • Sigma Nu Homecoming 2014 at GSU


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