• Theta Kappa Chapter Composites

    We have 38 Composite posted and we have 7 to go and 1 to build (1995-1996). Here are the 7 missing with Composite Year (Commander in office):

  •   1.  1972-1973 (Bruce Hall)
      2.  1973-1974 (Paul Leahy)
      3.  1980-1981 (Jim Walker)

      4.  1990-1991 (Todd Smith)

  •   5.  1992-1993 (Brett Kelly)
      6.  1998-1999 (John Yarbrough)
      7.  1999-2000 (Brian Stansfield)


  • 1968-1970_composite.jpg 1970-1971_composite.jpg 1971-1972_Composite.jpg 1974-1975_Composite.jpg 1975-1976_Composite.jpg 1976-1977_Composite.jpg 1977-1978_Composite.jpg 1978-1979_Composite.jpg 1979-1980_Composite.jpg 1981-1982_Composite.jpg 1982-1993_Composite.jpg 1983-1984_Composite.jpg 1984-1985_composite.jpg 1985-1986_Composite.jpg 1986-1987_Composite.jpg 1987-1988_Composite.jpg 1988-1989_Composite.jpg 1989-1990_Composite.jpg 1991-1992_Composite.jpg 1993-1994_Composite.jpg 1994-1995_Composite.jpg 1996-1997_Composite.jpg 1997-1998_Composite.jpg 2000-2001_Composite.jpg 2001-2002_Composite.jpg 2002-2003_Composite.jpg 2003-2004_Composite.jpg 2004-2005-1_Composite.jpg 2004-2005-2_Composite.jpg 2005-2006_Composite.jpg 2008-2009_Composite.jpg 2009-2010_Composite.jpg 2010-2011_Composite.jpg 2011-2012_Composite.jpg 2012-2013_Composite.jpg 2013-2014_Composite.jpg 2014-2015_Composite.jpg 2015-16_Composite.jpg 2016-17_Composite.jpg 2017-2018_Composite.jpg 2018-2019_Composite.jpg
  • Folders


    Individual Composites - Downloadable in PDF or JPG.


    Listed below are the composite years (as we know them) if they are listed in black then we have them and you can go to the "Composite" folder to download them in JPG or PDF (you must be logged in). All of the composites we have are in the slideshow. If a composite year is in Red then we are missing it and we need your help finding it. If you have one of these composites or you think you can provide one in better quality, please contact alumni@SigmaNuGSU.com.


    Some lessons learned: For those who have composites and can get them scanned, please read this:


    • Hang onto the composite and get it scanned yourself, so you never need to send it to someone.
    • Usually home scanners do not accept 11 x 14 images or the edges get cut off
    • Have it scanned in at 600 dpi – 300 dpi is likely fine if that is all you can get
    • If the image size goes over 10 MB than the image gets a little hard to deal with, so keep that in mind.
    • Have the composite scanned into both JPG and PDF (not converted)
      • If only one scan to PDF as we can convert it.
      • The quality is different and we can be more flexible in what we do with it.
    • Make sure they are scanning on something that will accept the entire image.
      • We don't want people or edges get cut off - look at the images before your leave.
    • Take a "Thumb Drive" or USB Memory stick with you, so you don't have to buy one there or buy a CD.
    • You can mail the USB stick, CD, or other media to us, but you can also upload to "Dropbox"
    • We can send you upload to Dropbox, email or mailing instructions upon request.
    • If you have questions or the images please email: alumni@SigmaNuGSU.com.


    "Getting them Scanned"

    • Go to a FedEx Office (Kinko's), Staples, OfficeMAX/Office Depot, or something similar
    • Having them scanned is a better idea than you sending them to us - back in the day we had to get a photograph duplicated, but now scanning is much more effective.
    • When you go to the place to get them scanned - you have to tell them to do it in 600 (or 300) dpi resolution and you want it both nt JPG & PDF formats because their first thought is the size of the file is too big for you.
    • Take a large (2 GB or 4 GB) thumb drive or USB drive with you
    • I actually found when I took them to an Office Max (in Statesboro) they were less busy, so they took the time to do it right rather than FedEx Office (often busy). Staples & Office Depot are similar.
    • Unfortunately the composites are larger than 8.5 x 11, so they like can't be done with most home scanners
    • If we get them at a good resolution, we can optimize them for the website and the Composite slide show.


    Once you get them scanned we can open a folder for you to place them on the website or give you a Dropbox or similar service - or you can put them in your own and share them with us. Feel free to share any pictures you have scanned in digital format that are appropriate for the website - we are glad to have them and post them. We would be happy to set up an area of the website for your era, pledge/initiate class, event/trip or whatever.



    Chapter Composites - our history:

    Composite Year (Commander) - Notes - Donated by.

    1967-1968 (Williams R) – (Is there one? Don't think there is)

    1968-1970 (Brown B) – Donated by Tony Fair, ΘΚ 9

    1968-1970 (Brown B) – (Is there one? Don't think there is)

    1970-1971 (Sellers J) – Donated by Tony Fair, ΘΚ 9

    1971-1972 (Moscrip A/Barnard R) – Received/Posted 

    1972-1973 (Hall B)

    1973-1974 (Leahy P)

    1974-1975 (Lott J)

    1975-1976 (Spatz J) – Received/Posted 

    1976-1977 (Hundley D) – Received/Posted 

    1977-1978 (Austin J) – Donated by Jim Walker, ΘΚ 150

    1978-1979 (Holley P) – Donated by Phillip Holley, ΘΚ 131

    1979-1980 (Sholtes F) – Received/Posted  

    1980-1981 (Walker J)

    1981-1982 (Walker J) – Donated by Jim Walker, ΘΚ 150

    1982-1983 (McDonald R) – Donated by Vic Lazich, ΘΚ 206

    1983-1984 (Hill A) – Received/Posted 

    1984-1985 (Mullis J) – Received/Posted  

    1985-1986 (Geddy B) – Donated by Tony Fair, ΘΚ 9

    1986-1987 (Geddy B) – Donated by Bill Geddy, ΘΚ 219

    1987-1988 (Geddy B) – Donated by Bill Geddy, ΘΚ 219

    1988-1989 (Houlihan T) – Donated by Tony Fair, ΘΚ 9

    1989-1990 (Kinlaw J) – Donated by Robert Sigler, ΘΚ 292

    1990-1991 (Smith T)

    1991-1992 (Smith S) – Donated by Robert Sigler, ΘΚ 292

    1992-1993 (Kelly B)

    1993-1994 (Rogers T) – Received/Posted 

    1994-1995 (Smith J) – Received/Posted 

    1995-1996 (Dowdle J) – (We don't think there is one*)

    1996-1997 (Gould B) – Donated by Robert Williams, ΘΚ 258

    1997-1998 (Gould B) – Donated by Robert Williams, ΘΚ 258

    1998-1999 (Yarbrough J)

    1999-2000 (Stansfield B)

    2000-2001 (Johnson T) – Donated by Gary Foshee, ΘΚ 560

    2001-2002 (Pittman D) – Donated by Gary Foshee, ΘΚ 560

    2002-2003 (Palmer D) – Donated by Gary Foshee, ΘΚ 560

    2003-2004 (Foshee G) – Donated by Gary Foshee, ΘΚ 560

    2004-2005.1 (Bragg W) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service

    2004-2005.2 (Evans W) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service

    2006-2006 (Wigley K) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service

    2008-2008 (Little D) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service

    2008-2009 (Little D) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service

    2009-2010 (Elder T) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service

    2010-2011 (Mobley S) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service

    2011-2012 (Brannen R) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service

    2012-2013 (Brannen R) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service

    2013-2014 (Winebarger E) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service

    2014-2015 (Degen E) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service

    2015-2016 (Clay A) – Provided by Chapter/Composite Service


    *As we understand it, we do not think there is a composite from 1995-1996 (it was never paid for), so we have a project we are taking on and that is to reconstruct the composite from that year with the two before and the two after - right now we don't have any from the 90's scanned and on the website.


    Note: We have a couple of composites that are listed above that were scanned for the website and our archives which we are don't remember who gave to us, please let us know if you provided and we will return them to you.


    Until we post otherwise, we have the PDF and JPG versions of the composites posted in a folder where they are stored on the website and download them.


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